Ways To Develop Your Art Style

A big way artists get their art noticed and their name recognized is to have their own unique art style. Vincent Van Gogh’s art is recognized by his visible brush strokes in his paintings. Salvador Dali is famous for his surreal style and, obviously, his melty clocks. Here are some ideas to help you find your art style!

  • Doodle or sketch a lot.

Drawing often can help you get better as well as give you some ideas. Fill a sketchbook. Doodle alongside your notes. Draw something you’ve never drawn before. Sketching is always the way to go if you’re trying to improve your art.

  • Try a new medium.

Use something you don’t have much or any experience doing. You might find your new favorite craft. Look up videos and teach yourself or have a friend who knows how show you. You won’t know if you like it til you try it!

Some ideas for mediums to try:



Ink or Markers

Oil painting


Colored Pencil


Digital art programs like Photoshop




  • Redo one of your old artworks.

Find an old piece you like but think needs improvement and start over with what you know now. Doing this could help show you how you’ve improved. It may also inspire you to keep practicing and try new things. Maybe in the future you could even do it again to see even more progress in your skills!


  • Find some inspiration from someone else’s style.

Look at other artists works and put some of their elements into your artwork. Don’t copy them though, make it your own. Maybe you liked how someone draws faces or how they shade their drawing. Try it out! Doing this can help form your style.

  • Let someone critique your work.

Have a friend or maybe even a teacher look at your art and let them tell you what they really think. Don’t get upset if they tell you a part of your work doesn’t look quite right. Listen and improve on it. You can’t get better if you don’t correct yourself.

Those are some ways to help form your art style! Having an art style is very important to help you stand out and be recognized. People will be able to look at your art and say “I know who made this!”. Let me know in the comments of some of your art styles or an artist whose style stands out to you. Follow this blog for more content like this! Thanks for reading!


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